A whole life approach to wellness from a caring, compassionate doctor

Better-than-concierge medicine

“My passion is people; and my purpose is to partner with my patients on the path to wellness."


Better-than-concierge medicine for adults

Dr. Adepero Okulaja’s clinic has been designed to make her patients feel more like they are visiting a contemporary home vs. the stark look of many medical offices. She is caring, compassionate, a good listener and she promotes a whole life approach to her patients’ wellness.  

Her adult-based medical practice is unique in that it offers patients personalized healthcare without an annual fee. Patients can pay as they go for services and Dr. Okulaja also accepts some forms of insurance. This two-tier option ensures that all patients get access to the highest quality personalized and compassionate healthcare. 

New patients do not need to bring in any medical records for routine initial appointments; When they are needed, our office will take care of transferring any necessary medical records.

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Dr. Adepero Okulaja better-than-concierge medicine

Dr. Okulaja is a caring, experienced board-certified internist

She began her career in the U.S. at the University of Pennsylvania and eventually moved to the Twin Cities where she worked at Fairview Oxboro Clinic for many years before starting her own practice. She is a natural born people person and problem solver and therefore excels at diagnostic medicine and the treatment of complex medical issues. Dr. Okulaja and her staff strive to create a comfortable atmosphere at The Doctor’s House where patients feel welcomed and safe. 


Dr. Adepero Okulja The Doctor's House

Patients appreciate the ease of access they get to Dr. Okulaja at The Doctor’s House

When you call The Doctor’s House there are no “phone prompts”. You will immediately be connected with our warm and friendly front desk staff people. And because Dr. Okulaja is an advocate of personalized healthcare, she personally returns patients’ calls and responds to their emails in a very timely manner. 

Appointments can be handled in the clinic or via phone call when it is more convenient for patients who are not in the area. Dr. Okulaja welcomes international patients and her personalized medicine has attracted patients from many other countries.

Dr. Okulaja is an independent doctor who can do anything that an in-network doctor can do



This includes referring patients to specialists when necessary and ordering any types of diagnostic tests. She likes being independent because it gives her the professional freedom to work within her own value system instead of working within the rules of a health system. She feels that the best type of healthcare should be low-cost, intuitive and should always be performed in the best interest of the patient.

Dr. Okulaja’s list of services includes:



-Adult general medicine

-Diagnostic and investigative medicine

-Preventative care

-Integrative health


-Wellness checks

-Men’s health issues

-Women’s preventative care including PAP and bone density tests, menopausal 


-Transitional healthcare from pediatric medicine to adult medicine

-Medical investigations for infertility

-Cardiac issues

-High blood pressure




-High cholesterol

-Urinary tract infections

-Gastrointestinal issues

-Weight loss

-Metabolic disorders/obesity/heart disease

-Collaborative wellness/life coaching; helping patients make mental changes that shift the paradigm from where patients are to where they want to be

Dr. Okulaja and Dr. Merlin Brown share an office, and when needed they provide backup for one another.



“I am so happy to share an office with Dr. Brown,” says Dr. Okulaja. “His practice also allows patients to pay only for the services that they need. We both have the same compassion for medicine and our patients. Anyone that meets him knows that he is the real deal and a doctor who truly cares about his patients. Our core values are completely aligned.”


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