About Adepero Okulaja, MD

Internal Medicine Specialist in Edina, MN

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Adepero Okulaja, MD

Board Certified Internist

Adepero Okulaja, MD, is an internal medicine specialist leading the medical practice, The Doctor’s House, in Edina, Minnesota. Dr. Okulaja is caring, compassionate, a good listener, and promotes a whole-life approach to her patients’ wellness.  

Dr. Okulaja attended medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, she moved to Minnesota where she worked as an internal medicine physician at M Health Fairview Clinic - Oxboro before starting her own practice. 

Dr. Okulaja grew up in Africa and originally wanted to be a photographer or a foreign ambassador. However, while in medical school, she loved learning about the human body. The moment she saw her first patient, Dr. Okulaja knew she was destined to be a doctor. 

Her dream is to provide quality health care that's low in cost, intuitive, and truly benefits the patient. She was not able to accomplish this while working at a big health system, which is what inspired her to open her own practice. 

Dr. Okulaja is a natural-born people person and problem solver. She excels at diagnostic medicine and treating complex medical issues. Dr. Okulaja and her staff at The Doctor’s House strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where patients feel welcomed and safe.