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“I have been a patient of hers since 2007 I think. She is a great, caring, and thorough doctor. She is the best doctor I have seen in MN. I don’t want to find a different doctor. She’s the best in my book.”

“Today I am waiting on my daughter to get out of surgery. Never thought I would be happy to be sitting here. Dr. Okulaja took my precious child as her patient and within 3 weeks she sent her to two other specialists and surgery was scheduled. Because of Dr. Okulaja my daughter will watch her children grow up and someday hold and love her grandchildren. Our story could have had a much different ending. Dr. Okulaja listened, researched records and found out that we never knew the results of a test done years ago. Dr. Okulaja saved my daughters life! Thank you Dr. Okulaja!”

“Can I give 10 stars? Dr. Okulaja is so incredibly smart! She has figured out medical conditions I had that specialists didn’t think to look for. She has excellent bedside manner and makes sure all of your questions are answered. She spends all the time with you that you need. I highly recommend Dr. Okulaja at The Doctor’s House. Everyone at the clinic is so nice and the ambiance is warm and welcoming.”


“Dr. Okulaja brings a humane approach to the patient experience.  She is compassionate, kindhearted, considerate, understanding, and respectful.  She takes the time to ask thoughtful questions and listens carefully.  She is very thorough and holistic in her analysis and cares deeply about her patients.  I trust her advice and am confident in her extraordinary capabilities.  She has been my doctor for more than a decade.  Her team is hardworking and dedicated which reflects her passion and purpose.  The Doctor's House team treats you like family.”

“Dr. Okulaja cares and it shows. She seeks out the answers to the patient’s needs and spends time, doesn't just zip in and out while seeing a patient. Seeks out the best specialists, if needed. Office personnel are also very caring and communicate the minute you walk in.”

“Dr. Okulaja is by far the best doctor a person could ever hope for. She has exceeded my expectations. I have and will continue to recommend her to everyone in need of a knowledgeable personable physician. Thank you for your level of commitment to excellence in the medical field.”

“Dr. Okulaja is truly one of a kind. She cares for your mind, body & spirit. She wants to know about everything that is going on, always goes the extra mile and truly treats you like a member of the family. I always leave with a smile on my face, like I visited a dear friend, not just a doctor. She's also taken more steps to truly get me healthy, than any other doctor I've had. I'm so blessed to have found her!”

“Dr. Okulaja is the perfect doctor. She cares about me as a person and not just a medical issue. She spends time answering questions and always has treatment options instead of giving me one choice only. I trust her and wish other doctors would observe and learn from her. I always leave an office visit with her with a positive attitude thanks to her care and concern.”

“I took my teenage son to see Dr. Okulaja today. He had two growths under his skin and my husband and I had no idea what was going on. Like all parents, my children are my absolute treasures. I could only take him to someone I knew would give him their absolute best, and I knew Dr. O would. She did not disappoint. We learned so much. Her offices are gorgeous and relaxing - a welcome departure from a typical doctor’s office. The staff is warm and friendly. You will get more than you expect.”

“You can't beat Dr. Okulaja's ethical and total care! Knowledgeable, sound practice, patient-focused. Dr. Okulaja is my perfect doctor. She is incredibly thorough and thinks of and treats you as a total person. She is not a transactional doctor. She looks for root causes and treats that with the least medicine possible. I am glad I found her. No more migraines!”

“Dr. Okulaja has been my doctor for the last three years or so. She has been very kind and is very knowledgeable. She has helped me turn my health around. She is the only doctor that I have seen who seems to genuinely care about me as a person. Best doctor I have ever had.”

“Dr. Okulaja has been my doctor for 10 years. She is AMAZING. She doesn't just come in, quickly look at you, and flip off an idea. She listens, she observes, she examines, and most of all, she cares. Best doctor I have ever had.”

“With God's help, and His directing me to her, Dr. Okulaja saved my life! She is the only doctor who checked me for scurvy and many vitamin deficiencies, which I had. She is also the one who found out I have hypothyroidism.”

“Dr. Okulaja is an amazing doctor. She has been compassionate, understanding, and resourceful to all my needs, diagnosis, and is vested in my health. Her advice is right on. I am very happy with this doctor and would highly recommend this doctor to everyone!”

“Dr. O spends time talking with me to find out how everything is going. LOVE DR. O!”

“Bright and knowledgeable Doctor.”

“Dr. Okulaja was very thorough. She didn't rush through our appointment. She did a complete assessment of my overall health (which my previous doctor did not do) and found a couple of areas that needed to be addressed. Were it not for her, I might not have found out about these things until I had a health issue.”